Friday nights ❤️💋😍
☝️💁 no fucks given
She loves me mcky-killsz ❤️

I used to have journals of just my thoughts, i used to write my thoughts, my feelings and just about everything…. lately my thoughts have been eating me alive and it seriously sucks because I really want to blow the fuck up and tooo who is the question? - I can seriously just say that Im tired of fighting the feelings I get, depression hits me at times it like comes by and slaps me in the face like bamn wtf here we go again with these stupid feelings but im kinda used to it in a way. Most of the time i wake up and pretend like im okay with all the bullshit in my life, smile to everyone when in reality i want to just grab a gun and shoot them straight in there fucking face. Im sounding kinda crazy right now huh smh let me stopp.. BUT lets be honest here im very thankful for the life that i have and all the things my parents have done for me. im not saying that my life is completely a shitty as life but it just has its downs… im happy at times i guess when everything is going just perfect i can honestly say that there is a smile in my facee.. and its a honest smile…

you kknow sometimes i just miss my old life and my hoodrat friends and doing hoodrat shit.. getting fucked up and waking up high as shit, i miss them long nights…. i miss that one person that i called bestfriend as a matter a fact i miss that other bitch too sometimes … but life is fucked up and we all do shit that later regret it …. i wanna run away for a day and say man i got no fucking worries at all but the next day come home like dammmmmmmmmmmnn there goes all the worries. -__- but lets see where this shit will take me i guesss :)

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